And as I let myself wander this place,
I couldn’t help but remember your face,
The day you told me everything’s over,
Because you have already found another.


I felt shocked, frozen to the core,
I couldn’t move as I watch you walk out the door,
How could someone leave you like you’re nothing,
When all you’ve done is make him your everything.


couldn’t stop the tears from falling,
Never thought I’d be broken by cheating,
Didn’t even realize I was weeping,
I’m lost now but in time I’ll be blooming.


Rain always speak 💔

i hear the pouring rain,
outside my window
as i stare at nothingness,
face on my elbow
thoughts of you keeps,
lingering in mind
reasons of you leaving,
still hard to find.

as every drop of rain
hits the ground,
I wish i could turn time back around,
when we were still more than friends,
yet not lovers but still
it ends.

rain falling from the
Darkened sky,
my heart slowly beating about the die,
hands cold against the
window pane,
trying to keep myself

i guess that’s just how
things go,
you’re gone, making me
feel so low,
and as i continue to watch the pouring rain,
crimson red drops to the floor waiting for life to drain 💔

Star 🌟

The stars gleaming from the heaven…

For some, those stars are a mystery.

For some, are just constellations.

For some, some are planets.

And for some, just correlations.

They may be a symbol of love,

or lovers themselves.

Or may be the regains of the past.

Or a soft friend, that everlasts.

For some, it’s an expression of love,

by earning them to the lovers hands.

But for me, as of now,

the stars are just stars, any how!

How are you ?


Everyday you ask me the same question.

do I answer you something else than “l’m fine”?

No. I don‘t. But this time I will tell the truth and say that

not fine. you know why I’m not fine. Because I’m tired of living I’m tired of looking at myself in the mirror crying. I’m tired of being alone whenever I need someone to talk to. I’m tired of feeling like this
And I’m tired of being me.

Fucking question 💔

Still waiting 💥

He was always with her & she was always with him,

whenever we would walk the halls at college,

almost time you would see them holding hands each other or laughing

even when he heard the rumour that how she was cheating on him,

when she would hurt him , twist him inside out and claw at him heart until he couldn’t feel anything anymore

But he would still be searching for him ,he would go to her friends and ask them how she was doing.

when they broke,when she had enough of him,

he still searched for her, he found him in everything,

he felt, saw, heard because he was in love with a girl

who was never capable of loving him back as much as he did to her 💘

Night thoughts 💘

in this night I just want to write,
not about the wrong or right,
when the first time we met at beautiful site ,
When we used to meet , when we used to call each other late night,
And about the time when we together fought,
When we used to come in eachother dreams every night
I’m just only remembering those days when we cared each other,
I don’t want to say that you’re wrong or I’m right

But as the time changed, everything changed

I know that now you’re now busy with someone other , for you I think love is just a time pass but I want to tell you ‘ it’s not a time pass, for someone it’s feeling, everything ‘

But you will never understand this because you haven’t loved anyone, you just used them.

okk leave it , i don’t want to remember those days,

this is a past time, now you are busy in your life, I don’t want to disturb you.

You know that my happiness is

depend upon you , if you are happy , I’m happy
but in last I just want to say “I love you forever” and beyond it 💘

Sweet home 💙

And they say home is not a place,

But a feeling.

So, how is it that when you step out of that place, you leave your heart behind,

beside the pillow on which mumma sleeps.

And how is it that you miss your father the most when you go home?

And you leave little presences of you everywhere in the house when you step out.

And why do you take that last glance before stepping up in the train to leave?

Living away from home is not easy,
It is very difficult.

It is not late parties,night stays.

It is stepping out in the darkness,

Or how you and your sister fought at 1am and laughed and ate maggi at 2.
But home is home.

It is a place.

And maybe a feeling too.
It is not wanting eat the chocolate that your brother wants to.

It is your childhood friends, school friends, cricket friends,gossip friends, homework friends.

It is the mornings you decided to go on walks but neither of you woke up.

It is the lady who punished both of you for breaking her glass window.

And home is home.